The Belligerent BuffleBros

From: Goleta, CA
Competing in: LONG BEACH, CA
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Our flight

Why us

Why should you pick us? Well for starters, we are a group of incredibly motivated students from UCSB. We are a mix of math, engineering, and art majors. With our academic backgrounds, we can 100% make a crowd appealing BAV (Buffalo Aerial Vehicle). Our design is not completely finalized, but we all share the same vision for what we hope to build for the competition. Should we be picked, we will immediately begin building our BAV; Procrastination only leads to more problems and design flaws. To wrap it up, we really hope to compete in the Red Bull FlugTag and will give our complete and undivided attention towards this competition.

Fun facts

Our craft hopes to use the aerodynamics of your everyday buffalo to glide on air and reach as far off the pier as possible. The wheels will likely be treaded lawnmower type wheels. We hope to make a giant paper mache buffalo head to be the figurehead for our majestic flying vehicle. The chassis of the human powered flying machine will be completely covered by buffalo fur mimicking fabric. The hooves of the buffalo will also be made out of paper mache. We hope to use very light weighing materials to maximize the velocity our team could make the vehicle reach by the end of the pier, which will in turn maximize the distance our craft reaches off the pier. While also maintaining a light weight design, we hope to make this buffalo as aesthetically appealing as possible. The buffalo will truly be a work of art. We hope our Buffalo Aerial Vehicle (BAV) will truly make a “splash” at this year’s National Red Bull FlugTag.