Zombie Air

From: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Competing in: LONG BEACH, CA
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Why us

Why us? The real question is why the hell not! We’ve watched a lot of Flugtag and realize that we are most likely senior citizens, being in our mid-thirties and all. This is one of the most important reasons for selecting us to compete.

After all, we were once those young jackasses jumping off buildings, chopping random things up with chainsaws, crashing anything and everything that we could ride or drive at a high rate of speed, and generally hurtling toward our current lives in a youth powered by debauchery.

Now we are seasoned, mature jackasses-in-waiting, hoping for that golden opportunity – like Flugtag – to come along and grant us the priceless gift of hoping into the Delorean, getting up to 88 MPH, and once again living our carefree lives, if only or a few moments.

So, we challenge you, oh great Flugtag selection committee in the sky, to make the right decision – no, strike that – the bold decision, by selecting our team for greatness in Long Beach on September 21st 2013. We await your decree, all mighty body of deciders, with baited breath and crossed phalanges.


Zombie Air

P.S. Did we mention that two of our members are amazing actors and/or comedians? No! Well shame on us. You can check out their work here. Imagine how amazing our skit will be!

Nick’s Comedy Site: http://www.nickspears.tv/
Mark’s Reel: http://vimeo.com/17998339

Fun facts

Our team is Zombie Air and with your blessing we will be flying our craft, Death Trap, into the record books on September 21st 2013. We expect to set a record of either amazing success or incredible failure... we are good with either! Our intrepid team is a motley crew of heroes assembled in the dark of night to rise up and challenge our enemies in a battle of strength and wits. Oh yeah, and we can all drink like Nick Nolte in his prime. So we have that going for us, which is nice.

As far as our craft is concerned, we have absolutely NO idea how to build (let alone fly) an airplane but we found some plans online for one that fits the criteria and we are going to make some magic happen. Will it work? We have no idea. The only person confident in our teams ability to build, launch, and fly this albatross is our pilot… everyone else is just looking forward to tossing him off the bridge. We are going to make sure it looks slick, will spare no expense building it, and are going to do everything we can to make the best possible plane we can.

Meet the team:

Derek – Pilot of the Death Trap

Derek is a father of four and lives in Orange County, CA. Derek loves to drink and do stupid stuff but ever since having kids, he doesn't get too do much of that any more. That may all be at an end: Here we come Long Beach! Building a plane with no experience whatsoever and flying it off a bridge? Sounds like a perfect outing with some friends and all the kids. Last and most important, Derek’s wife Suzi does not think that he will follow through on this. As he said, in the words of Barney Stinson, “Challenge accepted.” Let's Flugtag baby!

Suzi – Plans and Strategy

Suzi married Derek and it has been a life of sunshine and roses ever since. Minus the roses. Suzi is really looking forward to the opportunity to push her husband off a bridge or pier or really anything that opens itself to the opportunity. She highly doubts that the plane will do anything other than crash and (hopefully) sink instantly, allowing for her to cash in on the life insurance. But seriously, she is an amazing mother and wife.

Nikki – Negotiations and Acquisitions

Nikki lives in South Orange County with her 12 year old son Caden and is a digital marketing executive. She is incredibly single and a very hot mom looking for love. But fellas be warned, she hates crocodiles and shares a mutual hatred of Gloria Estefan with her BFF, Suzi. Much like MacGyver and Stephen Baldwin, she can make a bong out of a toilet paper roll and some Red Vines.

Nick – Master of Ceremonies

Nick Spears is a comedian living in Dana Point, California. Nick enjoys traveling, surfing, building airplanes. Just kidding. Nick has never built an airplane. Ever. The idea of this 34 year-old Norseman building anything other than a Viking ship is pure madness. So, obviously, it makes perfect sense.

Mark – Chief Mechanic

Mark Magid born in Lithuania, raised in Santa Barbara, where he currently resides with his wife Beth and 3 children, Charlie Jake and Reese. He's a General Contractor by day and a piñata by night, where his family enjoys the fiesta of beating on him all in good fun while they all laugh and sing. He loves being outside and good food. Pretty simple really...

So please, Gods of Flugtag, allow our rag tag team to enter the scrum and raise a glass to your names… in victory or defeat.