The Chicken Whisperers

From: san francisco, CA
Competing in: LONG BEACH, CA
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Our flight

Why us

Fun facts

Ever since watching Flugtag San Francisco last year we have been talking about our plans for Flugtag 2013! We are a bunch of aerospace engineers working at a Norcal aviation startup - we love building things that fly, and flying things that we build. "The Chicken Whisperers" (think dog whisperer, but with chickens...), as we've named ourselves, will build a very lightweight airplane and are hoping to glide it to a Flugtag world record. After dancing around on stage in chicken suits, of course (we've enlisted a real-life choreographer for this.)

And here's a bit about ourselves:

Laura Shane, 27, 5'6'', 2.6 x the weight of the airplane, left the crab cakes and football of Baltimore, MD to live out west. A mechanical engineer who loves sports that make you go fast (biking, skiing, surfing). A brief hang gliding career and a large number of hours spent flying Southwest will give her all the skill she needs to glide this airplane out into the sunset.


Zachary Robert Timm Hazen. Two middle names for redundancy. Two "m"s on the 2nd middle name for extra protection. 29 years young, 6'4", 230 lbs from Memphis Tennessee. Flies everything from paper planes to custom RC gliders to hang gliders to Pterodactyls. Throws a 16 lb ball on a chain for fun, occassionally at the U.S. Olympic trials. Can get real pushy behind a flugtag cart or a dance routine. Watch out!

Nate Herse, 31, 6'1", 175lbs, 74" reach, originally hailing from Omaha, Nebraska. Über mechanical engineering geek and lover of flying by non traditional means like rollerblades, snowboards, and bicycles. Enjoys turkey sandwiches and he's got the scars and titanium plates to prove it.

Marshall Gusman, 27 years old, 6' wingspan, 155lbs, from Sonoma County, California. Former rocket scientist, avid cyclist, hang-glider pilot, urban chicken farmer, with long-time dreams of flying like a bird. For years his chickens kept the secrets of flight closely guarded, until one fateful day when a whisper changed everything...

Mike Sherback, 35, 6'1", 32-25-34, 6.5". Puts things in the air. A flight controls engineer, private pilot, and snowboarder. Has fought with gravity for over three decades with some success. Dancing fool. Is willing to keep pushing the cart until there is nothing under his feet.

We are psyched to finally bring our sketches to life and get down to LA in September!