From: newcastle, CA
Competing in: LONG BEACH, CA
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Our flight

Why us

Our team is made up of some people from NorCal and some from SoCal. The cart is going to be built in different parts of the state and with a little luck, and a lot of duck-tape, it will be assembled as one cohesive unit. We have no experience in flight or aeronautics other than Southwest $49 deals and the occasional bad idea that started with "let's get on the roof and..." We are really excited to be a part of this and hope you come out and support our team.

- The Uppers

Fun facts

#1 None of our team members has any experience what so ever in building things that fly but there's nothing people love more than an underdog!

#2 Up is the direction we plan on going... and forward as well.... and then down I suppose

#3 Representing the "Up" theme all the way home, one of our team members even has a dog named Dug and a (female) cat named Kevin. Both after the movie.