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Our flight

Why us

Designed and built by the United States Veterans Corps (USVC), the Kangaroo Express Salute Our Troops Flugtag is inspired directly by U.S. military veterans, spouses, dependents and patriotic citizens. The USVC participates in community service projects and events in the military and civilian community, including Operation: Coming Home, an ongoing project to build and donate brand new homes for disabled combat veterans. Many of its members are also part of the All Veterans Parachute Team, a group of paratroopers that really know how to fall out of aircraft.

The Kangaroo Express Salute Our Troops Flugtag celebrates the men and women that make sacrifices for our freedom every day with a spirit that may only sacrifice its ability to fly long distances.

Fun facts

Kangaroo Express’ military roots run deeper than the water below the 30-foot flugtag ramp. More than one-third of the company’s associates have a direct connection to the military as veterans or family members serving in the armed forces, and more than half of its stores are located within 25 miles of a military installation.

These personal and direct connections make the military part of the fabric of Kangaroo Express. The convenience retailer works year-round to support our military and their families. This support is pervasive throughout its hiring efforts, sponsorships, fundraisers, community involvement and more.

It is also pervasive throughout the fabric of the Kangaroo Express Salute Our Troops Flugtag, modeled after a World War II CG-4A Glider.

The CG-4A Glider design does not prioritize aesthetics or longevity, two items that not so coincidently may be missing from any given flugtag. In fact, the gliders were often abandoned or destroyed after landing. Most famously employed in the invasion of France on D-Day, the gliders dropped off British airborne troops in Axis-held Sicily. Despite a design meant to reduce strategic materials made of cloth, plywood and steel tubing, each CG-4A could carry 13 troops and their equipment, including jeeps, trailers and anti-tank supplies.

At the forefront of Kangaroo Express’ military support efforts is its Salute Our Troops® fundraising campaign. The campaign invites store guests to make donations to military support organizations and empowers communities to shine a spotlight of praise and gratitude on the military.

Over the past two summers, the Salute Our Troops campaign raised a total of $5.67 million for the USO and other military support organizations.

Joining the campaign this summer, the Kangaroo Express Salute Our Troops Flugtag will travel through the Southeast, stopping at Kangaroo Express stores and community celebrations. At each stop, the flugtag will collect notes of thanks and appreciation for our U.S. Armed Forces that will later decorate the fabric of the craft.