Mad Mallard Militia

From: Orem, UT
Competing in: LONG BEACH, CA
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Our flight

Why us

We are a unique group because we have come together for one reason--Flugtag. We did not know each other before this opportunity arose, but mutual friends, a common goal, and necessary skills brought us together. Individually we all want to compete in Flugtag and receive our wings in the most official way. Red Bull's culture of creativity, passion and pursuit of greatness is shared by every member of our team. And this event brought us together, beginning new friendships and developing a serious amount of trust. We have our team organizer, our creative and fearless crew, our engineer, and our graphic designer that make up the Mad Mallard Militia. Believe us; a serious amount of trust has been exchanged to pull this off. Even though we come from the desert, we will make a big splash. Let us trek into California for a chance to represent the mountains, and take flight.

Fun facts

Our idea is simple. Be the baddest, raddest crew you've ever seen. From the red dust of the Utah desert we will raise a force the likes of which Long Beach has never seen. Some may think those from a land of sand and rock have no place around the water, but that's because they've never seen us swim.
We are the Mad Mallard Militia. Our team represents the Republic of Utah, and the fearless, grassroots, elevated way of living we are bred with will be demonstrated in Flugtag--our flight together.

Our concept is simple. In ages past great warriors rode Dragons. Forget dragons. We will ride our way to victory on a giant flying duck (one that weighs less than 400 pounds of course). We know you've seen ducks, but ours ain't no rubber duckie. This is the James Dean meets Vin Diesel of ducks. It has a stare that would kill a basilisk, yet has moves so smooth it would win over your girlfriend's angry father.

Why a duck you might ask? People aren't afraid of ducks. People think ducks play nice, swim around, and take the occasional winter migration. But by September, us Utahns plan on migrating with our duck south to Long Beach, to show everyone what we've got. The five of us have been working hard to meet the challenge of Flugtag, and we plan on catching our flight there on the wings of a mallard.

Our craft will feature a wide wing length with a suspended pilot underneath the demon mallard's belly. The wide wings will allow a graceful flight into the water without lacking intensity or style. We don't sit back. We don't wait. We stand up to every challenge we are given. We will attack the air, attack the water and amaze with a ducky, Utahtistic flare.

It all boils down to this. These landlocked fellas aren't coming in quiet. Our aircraft is nothing to fly away from. This armed mallard will make its way to California ready for a battle, surprising west coasters with a little red rock variety.

Oh, and we are leaving the snow at home.